Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh please...

My fellow citisims,

I was recently looking through the comments by some of the misinformed sims that claim that the Bradley's are "lower" on the totem pole against the development teams. It honestly is very amusing to me, Ophelia, and my fellow family. Being banned from "EA-Land" isn't anything to get excited about. We could have honestly not cared any less.

Although we aren't in the game, we understand where the game stands. Where would the game be today without the Bradley's, and the fun, enjoyment and drama that we brought? I'm ready to watch (yes... watch) as the posers try to resurrect the Bradley name. You can't, and never will, be able to successfully be the family that we were.

Ethel? Notta.
Eve? Notta.
Marlene? Notta.

Keep dreaming, darlings.