Thursday, March 20, 2008

With our departure comes some top secret information


As my dear mother posted last evening, we have been terminated from EA-Land, which is a shame because we never wanted to play EA-Land, only The Sims Online. With out departure comes some information the Bradley Council voted to make public knowledge, such as MaxisLee and MaxisJay's personal lines at Electronic Arts, and their company emails, so you may harass them. I spent about three hours last evening in touch with them, and we have decided that these assholes deserve to be fired. I am speaking to some supervisors at Electronic Arts as we speak, for their unethical action in banning us without any warning or notice sent via email, but rather they just blocked us form resubscribing. Thanks Lee Fancey, I hope you didn't much like your job.

Name: Jay Averill
Personal Email:
GM Name: GM Petrucchio
Phone Number: 1-877-643-7304 ext 381.

I will post Lee's information as soon as I can find it.

You might have trouble getting through to his extension, as the people who will pick up are dumbasses. Just keeping calling back, saying that You do not want to speak to a Tier-3 Representative, you need to speak to Jay.


Check back in the following week for our names in Second Life,

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Ending of an Era...

My fellow citisims,

Recently, a fucker by the name of MaxisLee decided to ban the accounts of Mrs Fiona Bradley, Mrs Ophelia Bradley, and President Bradley - all of whom are ran by three separate people. Later, we found out that Ethel Vontrell, Elmer Vontrell, and Patrica Vontrell were also banned, although the Bradley's don't communicate with the Vontrells.

After speaking with the fucker, it turns out that they decided, without warning, to ban us for being unethical and not doing business honestly. Although I explained the whole situation to Mr. Lee, it turns out it was a waste of time because he wasn't the person I needed to speak with to reinstate my account, although he was the one who banned me. That led to this:

It turns out, a douche bag by the name of Elmer Fudd Vontrell had actually scammed a fucker by the name of MaxisLee. In doing so, Lee decided to run ramped and ban anyone that was unethical - and he assumed we were a small group working together.

Consequently, we decided that perhaps it was actually time to go. We had did the job we wanted to do - we controlled the game. Our projects were successful and our fun was abundant. Yet, we had several posers and wannabes that attempted to tarnish the good name of the Bradley dynasty.

However, we would like to acknowledge the following people:
x Myth Montana:
x Myth is actually an adolescent boy by the name of Sam. We really appreciate the blue simmy and the mystic tree that you provided us, as well as many crafted items and whatever the hell else we wanted.

x Marlene:
x It's amusing that you spend so much time researching us and attempt to follow our every step because of your obsession. Everyone knows that your little boy self will never accomplish anything and that's exactly why you pretend to be us - to be famous. Remember, son, we're watching. ;)

x United Sims Government:
x We want to thank the USG people for following us and obeying us in the city's time of need. Jack Whiterstien and Jason Sim... erm... McKinley were so kind and gentle to us, especially whenever they donated funds to the Bradley Family Foundation. That's right folks, Jason and Jack actually supported the infamous Bradleys.

x Tonight Show with Ed.
x Edinahornet, Myth, and Xander Hill (or Sean Kendrick) were some of the most fascinating people... okay, I'm lying. They are all stupid, and with the help of Mr. Kendrick and Myth, we were able to do some minor work on the show.

There are many more sims that deserve the spot in the light, but I'm way too damn busy to mention them. It's time that the Bradleys ride off into their future endeavors.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Bradleys release statement regarding USG

Fellow citisims,

As the first family of EA-Land, we intend on furthering the cause of our ever-growing city, both economically and socially. First and foremost, we stand united in the valiant effort to help and protect our fellow citisims from those nefarious forces which intend to tarnish our sacred institutions from which our culture derives its most plentiful and erudite traditions.
Recently we've been faced with the harrowing task of elucidating the dubious machinations of a government that wrongly advertises a desire to help, while in reality stand only as a road block to the promise of an ardently optimistic future. As an attempt to rectify this terrible reality, we continue to explore new and exciting avenues of peaceful reconciliation that will continue this upward trend in quality of governance destined for association with USG and the Bradley family. While we are absolutely flattered by the infatuation Mr. Whiterstien and his accomplices have with the Bradley family, we will not tolerate their inappropriate and deleterious practices in this precariously vulnerable community.

We've received several conflicting reports about Jack Whiterstien and Jason Sim-McKinley; however, most reports indicate that scamming and hacking are a product of the imitation USG - operated by the preceding sims Whiterstien and Sim-McKinkley.

As an attempt to educate our fellow citisims on this recurring problem, as well as to rectify all such matters, the Bradley's encourage all members of EA-Land to visit the actual executive building of the USG - The USG Capitol. We warn all citisims to avoid any and all properties associated with the imitation USG, run by Whiterstien and Sim-McKinley. If you have been scammed, hacked, or know someone that has, please consult a Bradley family member at The USG Capitol.

Mrs. Yvette Bradley, USG Capitol Director of Public Relations
United Sims Government

Forwarded By: Ophelia Bradley

The Bradley Era

In 2002 , Alfred Bradley began the era we now know today as "The Bradley Era." Time after time, sims have studied and spent time with us, ultimately acknowledging our true power and greatness.

Now listen to our opinions.