Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Bradley Ugly Avatar Act of 2008

From the office of:
Secretary of State and First Lady
Ophelia Bradley

Dec. 11th, 2008. 11:27

Fellow avatars:

We come to you with this disturbing news straight from the rich land of Second Life. In what began as a lovely, formal speech by your President, Alfred Bradley, quickly made a turn for the worst. In disregard to the Bradley Ugly Avatar Act of 2008, the avatar pictured to your left attempted to dance erotically (failing, of course) in the presence of your leader. After numerous attempts to seduce the Presidential Family, this ugly avatar was quickly apprehended and sentenced to death. Luckily for you, fellow avatars, this avatar will no longer be around causing predicaments for gaming play.
Found Guilty on all charges under the Bradley Ugly Avatar Act


Anonymous said...

if he was killed why is he in weapons testing you ass fuck?

you really need to get a life

Elmer Fudd said...

ALFRED is an ANAL rape victim!

Mrs. Ophelia Bradley said...


Did you giggle and smile whenever you wrote that? You and your love for hairy ass cracks.

Anonymous said...

Enjoying your flowers much Ophilia?

I know Fiona is!

p.s. lighten up, it's only the internet.


Anonymous said...

Worst trolls ever to walk the face of SL.

The collective shall enjoy watching you get account after lame ass account suspended.

You should go troll WoW or something cause SL has a full boat of trolls and they are all better than you folks.

Anonymous said...

Alfred, Ophelia, and Fiona.
The lamest shits ever, oh and they are the same person.

Afred is a faggot!

Anonymous said...

ugly avatars?,,,, alfred you mother fucker, your the ugliest avatar in SL. you piece of shit.... im gonna troll your mom.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, Alfred isn't ugly. He is beautiful. Please stop hacking my account. I need that money to support my three illegitimate daughters. Damn my slutty wife!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, haven't seen these tards around for a few days now, i almost miss the stupid they brought with them.

Anonymous said...

Alfred, you are one sad sorry sonovabitch, I'm surprised LL hasn't banned you yet... oh wait, they did that's right... my bad. that's right you got banned for intolerance from what I heard. some leader... it's also sad that you have to create alts on your own blog to keep up your own little fantasy, whatever helps you sleep at night I guess. how long till your mother dies so you can finally have the house to yourself and your 4 computers?

Anonymous said...

I think Dissention has done a better job than these fags, and that's saying a lot. All hail destruction.