Monday, December 8, 2008

The failures of Second Life

Secretary of State Announcement

Thursday, Dec. 4th.

Criminal: #291730


An old simpleton by the name of Elmer Wittels had the audacity of being so gauche in asking for money in return for his donation to the Bradley Alliance Fund. However, as to be loyal to the fund, we were reticent to refund his donation. However, in conjunction with receiving the contribution, our agency found traces of marijuana. Traces of this same marijuana plant were linked to a Canadian Cartel led none other than the notorious Jessica Lyon. While Lyon remains at large as a severe douche bag, the assets from Mr. Wittels "crack stash" have been seized.


Elmer said...

Such wasted talent you have on such meaningless BUNK.

Elmer Fudd said...

I told you to give back my money, instead you got suspended. ROT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

dun worry Elmer, they're too stupid to even fucking count the money. probably spent it on something like child porn or new anal sex toys