Wednesday, December 3, 2008

State Of The Union - December 3, 2008

My fellow avatars,

Today we mark the beginning of a new age. Our morale has been damaged, and we have grown tired of the merciless destruction of those values to which we hold dear. Generations have come and gone, names have risen and fallen, and reputations have been exalted and destroyed before our very eyes. Do not fear my fellow avatars, because through these years of contention and dissidence, one name has stood tall above all others: BRADLEY. One name has outlasted the malicious attacks of an endless barrage of destructive obtruders: BRADLEY.

Power will not cede quickly my friends, but do not fear: our strength undoubtedly lies in our unparalleled resilience. Please hold strong during this uneasy time of transition. Take comfort in the support you have given the Bradley family to right the injustices of the current power.
The Bradley administration begins this legislative session with a landmark bill:

The Bradley Freedom from Critical Media Act of 2008
In order to shield the democratic process from an otherwise hostile environment, all media critical of the Bradley Administration shall be henceforth banned from publication.

Let freedom and justice ring.

Your President Elect,
Alfred Bradley

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