Saturday, December 6, 2008

Presidential Update

Our opposition continues their unsuccessful attempts to banish us. There is truly something pathetic about empty threats that are continually proven ineffectual. This administration is backed by the will of the people, and as thus, cannot be destroyed by the enemies of democracy. Our voices will be heard among these nefarious underlings who cling to their backward customs and barbaric rituals. They cover themselves with moronic flamboyant regalia, repeatedly use cheesy pop-culture phrases like “FAIL”, and covet their month-old accounts, yet claim that WE are the “n00bs” (see figure A). This community is in dire need of a perspective change my fellow avatars, and I promise you as your elected president, change will come.

The Bradley Ugly Avatar Act of 2008

Ugly avatars with stupid appendages such as tails, spines, horns, face masks, and all other failed attempts to look unique by means of increased unattractiveness, are hereby permanently banned.

Figure A:

Alfred Bradley
President of Second Life


Anonymous said...

Alfred is just so insecure about himself, his looks, his sexuality, his mother yelling at him from up the stairs to get a job and a girlfriend and get out of her god damned house... a shame to the British empire. and to think, this bumbling idiot lump of a ... well I wouldn't call him a man, more of a thing was once someone full of promise and aspirations... how sad

Anonymous said...

He's just too chicken to admit that SL human avatars suck so much dick. All hail destruction.